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Reds: Memorable Opening Days

Growing up in Cincinnati, there’s nothing better than Opening Day. Baseball’s oldest franchise has celebrated it like nobody else from over a decade. From the Findlay Market parade, to the smell and sounds of the ballpark returning to the banks of Ohio, it is a one-of-a-kind experience. I’ve been to...

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Fantasy Baseball 101: Draft Day

Part One covered the details and logistics of Part Two goes through the happenings on that greatest of all days, draft/auction day. This is the most important time of all for your team. A good draft or auction will put you in the running and should keep you near the front of the pack, while a bad on...

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5 Weirdest Batting Stances

One of my personal sayings is, “You can tell a lot about people from their Chipotle orders.” Brown rice and veggies? Health nut. Double steak burrito? Bro. Salad with no meat? Weirdo. Similarly, you can tell a lot about a baseball player from his batting stance. Some are strong and structured, like...

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2017 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

Hitting on a sleeper or two on draft day can make a huge difference for your fantasy team’s success although it’s important to remember why they are sleepers and not go grabbing these guys too early while more established talent is still on the board. Here’s a sleeper or two at each position that co...

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2017 Fantasy Preview: Outfielders

Outfield is a position that must be handled based on your leagues rules as it is a position you can wait on if you are in a mixed league that only starts three, while it can become scarce in a hurry in NL and AL only leagues. True there are 90 starters at outfield in the Major Leagues yet not all ar...

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2017 Fantasy Preview: Relief Pitchers

ome people choose to wait on closers while others do not. Waiting means you are less likely to get players locked into their ninth inning role but going after the position early means you’re giving up a chance at another position for one category. Any strategy with relievers can work but if you wait...

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Fantasy Baseball 101: Getting Started

Regardless of whether you’ve played fantasy baseball for years or if this will be your first season, there are numerous topics, strategies, and details that must be addressed before and during the season. This is the first of a three-part overview of what you need to organize a fantasy baseball leag...

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Reds Deal Phillips to Atlanta

The Cincinnati Reds have agreed to a deal with the Atlanta Braves that sends second basemen Brandon Phillips to his hometown team in exchange for a pair of players, according to multiple sources. The 35-year old veteran has operated his no-trade clause a few times before, including a previous deal t...

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2017 Fantasy Preview: Third Base

Third base is an interesting position this year as the top four players are all worth considering in the first round, however after the top tier the next ten or so players could be arranged in just about any order. This is a position that is deep with good talent so if you don’t strike early at the...

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2017 Fantasy Preview: Shortstop

Shortstop is loaded at the top with five players all worthy of a top 25 pick that could be grouped in any order. In dynasty formats all five of those players are worthy of building a franchise around, while the second tier is full of potential and question marks. Going early at the position in draft...

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2017 Fantasy Preview: Starting Pitching

Starting pitching is a position that some fantasy owners load up on while other owners choose to wait. It is a position that makes up nearly half of the categories in most formats and therefore needs to be addressed before too many players are off the board. Like any position there will always be on...

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2017 Fantasy Baseball Busts

The term bust has many levels, some busts end up being dropped, while some busts are just good enough to keep starting but they’re not returning the value you drafted them for. Below is a mixed league lineup of players that will likely remain starters throughout the fantasy season while healthy but...

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2017 Fantasy Preview: First Base

First base is the place to find power although not to the degree that it used to be. The position isn’t overwhelmingly stronger than the other infield spots at the top, but it does go a little deeper with starting caliber talent. In typical mixed leagues it’s fine to wait a little while at the posit...

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2017 Fantasy Preview: Catcher

In the world of fantasy baseball no position has a wider variance in value than catcher. In one catcher mixed leagues it’s hard to invest a high pick at the position, but in two catcher leagues it becomes a much different strategy and in two catcher A.L. or N.L. only leagues it’s a position that can...

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2017 Fantasy Preview: Second Base

  As we begin to look at fantasy baseball by position we start with second base. There are several very good options atop the rankings and even into the second tier before uncertainty strikes. The top two players at the position can be studs across the fantasy scoreboard and are two of the most...

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